Book is out! Embodied Carbon in Buildings published by Springer

It might not be your pick for a sunset reading, or the book you feel you must’ve on a beach island sipping your drink but…the world’s first book (does it sound too much? I swear it’s true) on Embodied Carbon in Buildings is now out and up for grab!

It’s been published by Springer, and it features 22 chapters authored by more than 50 experts worldwide. If you want a truly international snapshot of what’s going on in the field at a global scale there’s no better place to start [if that’s not a good enough reason, it also has a lovely colourful cover!].

The book inception goes back to Francesco’s idea and goodwill at the University of Cambridge and it materialised through the hard work he has done with his co-editors, Dr Catherine De Wolf at EPFL and Dr Alice Moncaster at the Open University.